Twitter, goodbye to the little bird. The new logo is an “X”

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Twitter bids farewell to the “bird”, the iconic symbol of the messaging platform. From today, in fact, the “X” appears on the profiles , chosen by Elon Musk , the American tycoon who acquired the company in autumn 2022 to the tune of billions of dollars, a good 44.

“It’s an exceptionally rare thing, in life or business, to get a second chance to make another big impression,” wrote Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino. “Twitter has made a big impression and changed the way we communicate. Now, X will go further, transforming the global city square.”

During the night, the new logo appeared on the social network’s headquarters.

Even the website changes: now the address is, but typing will continue to access normally.

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What Twitter Is Really Planning for Crypto

You might have heard of crypto Twitter: The subsection of the social network where accounts have Bored Apes as profile pictures, posts are rife with talk of tokens, blockchains, and buying the Bitcoin dip, and Elon Musk is venerated.

Then again you might have heard of Twitter Crypto, the business unit devoted to developing the social network’s strategy for cryptocurrency, blockchains, and that grab-bag of decentralized technologies falling under the rubric of Web3.The team’s unveiling came in November 2021 via a tweet from the newly hired project lead, Tess Rinearson, a Berlin-based American computer scientist whose career includes stints at blockchain companies such as Tendermint and Interchain.

Twitter has been the go-to social media platform for cryptocurrency and crypto marketing in general. Whether you are looking for any news updates or information regarding crypto, developments or memes – Twitter is the place for you! Also, did you know that you could use Twitter for marketing and increasing brand exposure? If not, we’ve got you covered!

As the word of Blockchain buzzes and the crypto trend spreads, getting the word out for your Blockchain-based project is considered vital for its survival and growth. Hence, in doing so it is important to leverage social media platforms and use them to your advantage.

Despite Twitter banning cryptocurrency advertisements, it is still possible to create massive hype around the platform and make it a considerable focus around your marketing efforts. Being 330 Million users strong worldwide, Twitter is the perfect social media platform to grow your social media presence around.

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