Advertise your coin

Do you want to promote your project? We can help you.

We publish Ads of Presale & Crypto Projects

  • Ad Format: Logo size 200 X 200, Project Name, Short Description & A “LINK” where u want to send traffic
  • Show on Home page in first raw and Blog side bar
  • Home page Ad Price $1000
  • Sidebar Ad $500
  • Ad exist for 20 days

Send your ad placement amount in SOL to this address: 7Pp2sD3MKUrjsZoiRvtAm1LSyThBdcY4sMxixNSySMeV

Once u send the payment Please send your details to us Project name, short description, features and logo to us.
Tell us if you have question

Note: We don’t accept casinos and we don’t have write press release service.

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