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We believe we're one of a kind market place for evolving technologies and innovating personas through out this digital era.

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Who, Why, When & How.

A question we most likely be happy to answer, Cryptoors a project in incubation for the past couple of years after realizing how helpful could it be for creators, designers, innovators & entrepreneurs to connect and share their idea with the world.

Why did we do it? Out of necessity to change the overall shift of power from a people controlling crypto and NFT's market with bull and bear runs, on decentralized markets.

We incorporated and created this platform by 2021 and launched it only after perfecting it by rigid testing and propagation to make the UI easier and simpler for all the users to upload, advertise and market their digital product.

With a team of young enthusiasts backing our project to reach it's potential who are driven with the same passion for innovation and technology.

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We're one of a kind market place dealing with new innovations in design and technology. Cryptoors believes in the community's hard work and targets on giving the power back to the creators.


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